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AP English Literature


Welcome to AP English Literature & Composition!




Hello future literature scholars!

I am really looking forward to beginning our work together in the fall!

The Summer assignment:

  • The Summer Assignment. Remember:  this is due on Turnitin.com by 11:59pm on Monday, August 19th.​​

    • Here are some additional resources to help you with Part I of the assignment:

      • Say Mean Matter Handout and the rubric that I'll use to grade them. 

      • This is a Word .doc version of the MWDS template; you should download it to type your MWDS. I have also included here a more detailed outline of my expectations for the MWDS, along with the rubric that I will use to grade it.

      • MLA formatting guidelines

All components of this summer assignment are due

on Turnitin.com no later than 11:59pm on Monday, August 19th.




Go to www.turnitin.com and sign into your account. Then, click on the "Enroll in a Class" link. 

Use the information provided on the summer assignment handout provided in June to enroll and submit your summer work.

Once you've logged into the class, you'll notice there are three separate assignment buckets, so make sure you submit your work to the proper place to receive full credit. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.  

Have a fantastic summer, and happy reading! 

~Mrs. Pariser

Still have questions about what to expect from this class?  Check out the advice below from some of my former AP Literature students! I asked them if there was anything they'd want to share with you all, and they said...

"Dear incoming AP Lit students: Don't complain about the work load because it is manageable and given to you for a reason. If you are thoughtful and eager to learn, you will do well in the class. Enjoy reading the books and don't rely on websites like Shmoop or Sparknotes to summarize the novels for you, but use them as a guide for understanding theme and style."

"AP Literature is one of the most rewarding courses at Grant. As seniors, your goal is to prepare for college and that is exactly what this class offers. You read renowned works, write literary analysis papers, analyze important quotes, learn about many literary devices, review grammar/MLA rules, and so much more. Once AP Exam time nears, you feel ready for the test. But most importantly, as a senior, I feel ready to tackle the challenging courses in college. My advice is just keep up with the work and the timing, and you'll realize that everything is doable. P.S. Mrs.Pariser is super helpful because she actually reads your work and provides useful feedback."  ;D

"I would want to inform them about all the benefits they will receive just by taking this class. It 100% will prepare them for any kind of exam and will teach them so many things they hadn't yet known, which will help them improve their writing skills and look good in college because they will be so prepared."

"BE ready! This class comes with work so bring your A game and don't miss assignments because they will drag you back. Manage your time well I know by experience if you have a busy schedule doing work or extra curricular activity then you need to find some space for AP Lit it will take up some of your time. The class is hard but in a way and worth taking you meet interesting people, nice teachers, and overall just a different experience than the usual English class. It's a class that will change your thoughts on Literature in a positive way."

"I would tell them to be prepared for the large amounts of homework but that the same time to their best because this class is one of the few on campus that actually prepares you for what it is to come in college."

"Do not procrastinate on your work no matter what. Honestly, yes you can come in and do everything last minute in a rush, but the quality of work drops drastically. It gives you much more peace of mind to just do everything as it's assigned. There is a lot of work assigned and too much to be constantly procrastinating."

"Make sure you all do your work in advance and never fall behind. Otherwise I will literally become very very difficult to catch up."